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3rdLung Kits and NEW Rental Kits

The FDA has stated that ‘oxygen-enriched sprayers’ or ‘supplemental oxygen’ or any type of small container, ‘canned’ or small cylinder of oxygen; or small container of  ‘compressed’ ambient air’ is considered a ‘drug’ which requires a prescription. 

This includes any product manufactured anywhere, and marketed and sold in the United States. 

BetterThanAir is working with the FDA to be complaint.

BetterThanAir is currently investigating the methods to bring ‘Supplemental Oxygen’ to market and stay complaint with the FDA’s Drug regulations. 


Athletic Training & Fitness Programs


Empirical Athletic Development

Speed, Strength & Agility
for ages 13 and older



►No leaky cans!

►No dangerous aromas used that can promote bacteria growth in 'canned oxygen'.

►Only Aluminum Cylinders used to ensure user safety and designed to hold compressed air.

►All BetterThanAir units are approximately 90% oxygen and 10% ambient air! 

All BetterThanAir Oxygen units contain 12-18  liters of Supplemental Oxygen.

3rdLung Kit
Altitude Formula and more.

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   BetterThanAir offers the most advanced Supplemental Oxygen products available in the 'Supplemental Oxygen' industry.  

Typically to help with the effects of altitude and to help acclimate to Colorado's altitude, a person will need approximately 12 liters or more of supplemental oxygen.

BetterThanAir products cannot be taken on commercial airlines, however we ship to any continental USA location; some shipping charges may apply.

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Supplemental Oxygen Products

Supplemental Oxygen Products

Empirical Athletic Development

Empirical Athletic Development

Supplemental Oxygen Equipment

Supplemental Oxygen Equipment

Brand-It  / Private Label

Brand-It / Private Label